Why does it matter?

Marin County holds one of the highest rates of binge drinking in the country in all age groups.

The consequences to Marin teens, as a result of the high rates of underage drinking, include:
- Increased chance of becoming addicted (approximately 40% of youth who begin drinking before age 15 become addicted).
- Brain damage
- Introduction to more addictive drugs
- Drunk driving
- Harm to self and others
- Sexual abuse
- Increased depression and anxiety
- Death by overdose or fatal accident
- Decreased self-esteem
- Declining grades and less community participation

What can we do?

The Solution is a community wide effort. Below are three areas of prevention.

It begins with parents and children being aware of the dangers and consequences of underage drinking.

Lock up your alcohol and prescription drugs at home. Do not provide alcohol to anyone under 21 years of age.

When hosting or attending a child-related event, keep it alcohol-free. "If it's about the kid, it's not about the drink".
For example: youth sporting events and celebrations, birthday parties, graduations, Halloween, pool parties and other community gatherings.

Who is involved?

The Marin Coalitions have partnered with Local Businesses, Schools, Youth Serving Organization, Law Enforcement, Healthcare Professionals and other organizations included in the 12 sectors of our community.

Our work includes:

-Bringing education to parents and youth through the schools and community forums.

-Working with law enforcement around Social Host Ordinances.

-Leading campaigns aimed at the reduction of prescription drug access and other efforts.

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